Uytenbogaert Foundation

An ongoing history of the collection
After years of banishment and persecution, the Remonstrants furnished their (refuge) churches since 1630. Soon after the need for portraits of their icons started to grow. Initially it concerned the father of the ideas, Jacobus Arminius, and the founding fathers Johannes Uytenbogaert and Simon Episcopius. Later on in big city communities portraits of the ministers/pastors of that community were added; ministers/pastors who were important in the development of the ideas. This is how the ‘painted history’ of the municipality arose, and in case of Rotterdam, still maintains. The collection is spread over different locations.

The biggest portraits collection in protestant Christian possess in the Netherlands. 
The collection includes 39 portraits, nearly half of them from the 17th and 18th century, painted in oil on canvas or panel. The painters are for instance David Bailly, Jan Jansz Westerbaen, Pieter van der Werff and Jan Stolker. The other portraits – except for four of them – are painted in oil on canvas. Of the four one is in acryl, three are drawings in pencil, at the end of the 19th and 20th century. The painters of those other portraits are for example Nicolaas Pieneman, Robert van Eijsden, Hermanus Ellen Mees, Karel van Veen and Bob Bruin, 11 paintings, related to the first church (a refuge church). One is painted in oil on canvas (unsigned, probably 18th century), one is a water-colour painting (1894) by G. Henkes, and besides that there are 9 drawings in charcoal (1894) by G. Henkes.

Much-needed restoration
The Rijksmuseum and the restorer made a thoroughly inventory on the condition of the collection of the portraits, painting by painting. Through the ages the paint has faded, the retouches are discoloured and/or painted over and the layers of varnish have yellowed. Even loose paint particles have been noticed on some of the oldest paintings. Besides that damages and stains also have been found. The restoration particularly includes the old portraits.

You can help the Uytenbogaert Foundation
Much money is needed for this restoration. The foundation board aims to guard the ongoing good condition of this collection. The foundation can only do this with your help! Every donation, big or small, helps and is very much appreciated.

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